Donna Chudnow

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Artist Statement

My paintings are inquiries into the fleeting and long-term characteristics of memory and observation and the transition of the landscapes from the past into the present.   In my first series, THE FIFTH SEASON, I celebrate the settings where my memories were created.  I rely on my mind and emotions to recall a vision, which then forms the line drawing of my painting. The remembering turns into a kind of reliving through pouring, splashing, dropping, dripping , squeezing of acrylic paints, inks, enamels and polymers onto the canvas.

In  my second series, Beauty Marks, I continue to explore the reactive abstract portrayal of the lifelong influence that nature plays in my life. In this series, I explore the flow and physics of fluids (paints, polymers, inks and water. I used gravity, pressure, and various viscosities of paint to make the paint meander through the crevices and pathways created from previous layers.  Along the way, the paint picks up neighboring pigments or even loses its original color entirely.

In my experimenting I observed that after a free fall the paint always lands in a circular shape, hence the name, Beauty Marks.  If “Beauty Marks the Spot”, then geo-coding can tell the observer where the real visions in my mind occurred.  One only needs to look up the latitude and longitude to see where my memories were created. Experiencing nature and its elements is a fantastic and humbling journey. It gives me the opportunity to create, to explore amd to work through the uncertainties of not knowing what the end result will look like.  The journey of my painting as it is in life; everything is interconnected and who we are is the bold and colorful layering of those experiences.